Injury Stories: Slip and Fall at Work | NYC Personal Injury Attorney

In this video case study, New York personal injury attorney Brian S. Orlow recalls the result of a case in which his client, a cleaner at a law school, slipped and fell at work. The ceiling in a bathroom she was asked to clean was leaking, leaving the floor wet. Upon entering the bathroom, she slipped on the wet floor. The school was aware of the leak prior to the accident, but failed to repair it. Since the client was an outside contractor rather than an employee, the personal injury attorneys at The Orlow Firm made a case against the law school for neglecting to maintain their building in a reasonably safe condition. The Orlow Firm attorneys were able to bring the case to a very successful conclusion for the client. If you have been injured in a similar slip and fall accident, contact The Orlow Firm by phone at 800-504-9590 or through their website for a free consultation.

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